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A few random final thoughts on Election 2008…

November 6th, 2008

Some random final thoughts on the 2008 election…

Karl Rove and Bill Bennett – You Have Nothing To Be Proud Of

Watching Karl Rove and any of the engineers and water carriers of the past eights years and the authors of the most vile campaign tactics call Obama’s victory a cause for all of us to celebrate is like…

…well. there’s no historical analogy. The mind goes to Nazi or Soviet propagandists or some such but none of them got talk-show deals when it was over. There’s no figure in history who was responsible for such raging disinformation and contempt for the citizenry who then gets hired as a pundit and then praises how far we come as a nation by overcoming the – literally – demonizing rhetoric he and his acolytes spewed.

It’s like if, at the end of Lord of the Rings, they gave Wormtongue a spot on Meet The Press and we had to watch him as he congratulates Aragorn on a job well done and suggesting how far “we” – himself included – in Middle Earth has come as a people from the dark days that he himself created and enabled.

Which came first, the bigoted chicken or the racist egg?

Now, I’m not suggesting that the Republican philosophy or their policies are inherently racist – that’s just not true. I’m saying that the party had a comfortable relationship with racists and gave them a place to hang their pointy, conical hats.

Hillary Clinton had the same problem. Obama’s skin color caused Clinton and McCain to get some support from some very ugly, torch-wielding quarters. And their nasty, negative campaigns threw gas on the fires.

Now, let me be clear, I dont think McCain and Palin created the bigotry we witnessed at their rallies but their blatant contempt for Obama, their outright claims that he was a pal of terrorists – implying a connection between Barack Hussein Obama and the Al Quaeda is the not-so-subtle subtext there – and their portrayal of him as the “other” while they wrapped themselves in flag sent some clear messages.

One simple, sad truth to the 2008 election is that racists only had one purebred in this dog and pony show. Sorry, Senator McCain.

Hillary could have won the nomination

First of all, if the economic crisis had happened a year ago, we probably would have had a Romney and Clinton match up.

But at the time of the primaries, while Obama was still an unknown, he had a major weakness that Clinton could have exploited. I told a hardcore Democrat pal of mine that while I was supporting Obama, I thought that Hillary could take him down. He asked how but I didn’t want to say until after the election.

Here’s what Clinton did wrong. Her campaign made the Rezko and Ayers and inexperienced arguments but those are all weak tea. Inexperience is not a charge people take seriously because as soon as the inexperienced candidate debates the experienced one to a stand still, the label doesn’t stick. The Reverend Wright argument might have worked but most people know when their baser instincts and fears are being manipulated. Obama’s speech on race in Philadelphia put that issue to rest and his denunciation or Wright a few weeks later ended it altogether.

She missed her chance to label him a “bonehead.” It was Obama’s own word for the mistakes he made in the Rezko. They could’ve hammered Obama with his own quote. If she had saturated the airwaves, talk shows and talking points with the bonehead meme – keep in mind that this was before Obama had established himself and there were still six dems in the race – it could have stuck. I’m not saying it would have been a fair tactic, just that it could’ve worked.

All the attacks on Obama questioning his judgment came too late – after he was already established as a bright, even-tempered and thoughtful candidate.

Palin didn’t know Africa was a continent

Seriously. This was “reported” by Carl Cameron on Fox News the day AFTER the election. According to Cameron, McCain’s campaign insiders told Cameron that little tidbit – along with other whoppers – weeks ago. Cameron claims he held onto this information in part as respect for his source.

This is clear disrespect for the American people, his viewers and truth.

I’m sorry but even priests and lawyers can defy confidentiality when the actions of their clients are putting others in danger. Cameron’s actions show a significant disrespect for the country.

There’s two ways to look at these revelations: What Cameron said is true or false.

If it’s true and Palin was dangerously incompetent, McCain and Cameron both have a lot to answer for.

If it’s false, McCain and/or Fox may be trying to knock Palin out of contention for 2012.

Either seems plausible to me.

Good News for Fox, Limbaugh and Coulter

Jon Stewart had a great line during last night’s Daily Show. His guest was Fox’s Chris Wallace and Wallace gave Stewart a cookie from Karl Rove. Stewart took a bite on the air and said he wasn’t worried about it being drugged or poisoned since Rove, “…can’t hurt me any more.” Really funny.

A lot of Dems think this is a real comeupence for the radical right-wingers. It’s not. It’s a new golden age for them.

Most of these psychos made their names when Bill Clinton was in power and Dems controlled congress. Happy days are here again.

What are your thoughts? Pop me a note or reply below.

– Steve

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7 Responses to “A few random final thoughts on Election 2008…”

  1. BB Says:

    If Couric had asked about the countries in NAFTA I wonder what Palin’s answer would have been…

    NAFTA, N-A-F-T-A

    North America

  2. Steve Says:

    BTW – I added Bill Bennett to the first item because of his particularly reprehensible spouting off on CNN during election night coverage.

    CrooksandLiars has the recap here:
    Bill Bennett: Obama’s win means ‘You don’t take excuses anymore’ from minorities

    I should also add the hideous Michelle Bachman who called Obama un-American a few weeks ago and now is proud of the “tremendous signal WE sent” by electing Obama.
    Story here at politico:

    Each one a duplicitous monster.

    – Steve

  3. S. Monroe Says:

    I have enjoyed reading your comic over the past few months. It was a regular Friday event for me to look back on the week’s events through your strip.

    Please continue, or come up with some as interesting and funny again!

    I’d love to say something encouraging, but the only thing that comes to mind is The more we laugh at evil, the less power it has over us.

  4. Kevin Wilson Says:

    I rarely get up to the Fox News channel on our pay TV here because of the vitriol their people tend to be spewing, but I watched as the results were coming in the other afternoon and got the impression that once Obama was confirmed as the winner, all the air went right out of their sails.

    Fair and unbiased? If you could ever believe that of Fox News, then I have some swamp land you may be interested in.

    The next day, I watched Bill O’Reilly for the first time ever since Steven Colbert always seems to be praising him. Now, there’s a nut job and a half. He gets paid to talk crap? I’d love that job.

    Will Fox News close its doors now they can’t constantly talk about the great job the Republicans are doing and may have to resort to praising Obama?

  5. Matthew Noggle Says:

    I’ve loved reading the comic over the election cycle. Keep us updated with your new projects!

    Your last sentiment is what really worries me – Jimmy Carter gave us Reagan, Clinton gave us Bush. Already a lot of the conservatives are blaming their loss on “not being conservative enough.” I don’t have much doubt that there will be a large and powerful resurgence of radical conservatism in the coming years.

    And as for Cameron…first I can’t believe that a person of her age doesn’t know that Africa is a continent (think about it though – if only they’d said Australia, she could have gotten away with it!), and his “respect for his source” is utterly disgraceful.

    Keep up the good work, and good luck with the comics!

  6. BWM Says:

    I have a little quandry, and maybe someone here will give me a hand; I’ve never once heard anyone, anywhere, define “Rovian tactics” for me. I don’t like Bush, or McCain, but I honestly don’t recall seeing anything that ONLY the Republicans did in ONLY these races, in any general terms. But, I DO remember these endless claims of how Rove is basically the world’s worst person and downright evil. Problem is, no one has ever told me MORE than that; they just say that Rove says (or has other people say) “mean” and “hateful” stuff, like that’s never been done before (was it Madison or Jefferson that called the mother of the other one a whore?)

    So, really, could someone define for me, specifically, what these Rove tactics are? I’m not trying to defend or attack anyone or any position, I’m just honestly confused.

  7. BWM Says:

    Pardon me, that was John Quincy Adams calling Jackson’s mom a prostitute; my error.